Rules and Regulations

General Rules and Regulations:

  • Must have Valid Hunting License for all game hunted and observe all hunting regulations as established by both the state and BCPHC.
  • Every stand is a camp stand. So its first come first serve. You are responsible for tagging yourself in and taking your tag off the board EACH HUNT.
  • Park vehicle/ 4 wheelers at all designated areas to keep woods as quiet as possible. Keep vehicles off of the food plots. Drag your deer to one side or the other for recovery. Avoid the middle of the plots at all cost.
  • Sign in times are no earlier than 4:30am for morning hunts and 1:00pm for afternoon hunts. If you are hunting beyond the Rattle Snake food plot, you must be past Rattle Snake food plot no later than 5:30am for morning hunts and 2:45 for evening hunts. Even if you kill, do not get down out of your stand till 9:00am or 6:00pm so you will not mess up other hunters . This will be even more important if you are hunting beyond the New Wood Bridge In that most food plots are directly on the access roads. As always if you need help for deer recovery just ask.
  • Guest are defined as any non paying member. Guest are allowed to hunt without charge. The paying member of the guest must be present. All deer killed by a guest will come off paying members quota. Non -“Direct Family” guests are not allowed on any opening weekends. Direct family only includes member’s parents, spouse or children.
  • State law allows 3 bucks and 5 doe to be taken. Each member’s quota will have the opportunity to kill 4 bucks and 5 doe from the Sessions Property. The 4th buck allows an additional deer to be taken by a guest, parent, child etc. only.  Paying members are not allowed to legally kill more than 3 Bucks.

BCPHC Deer Regulations:

The Sessions  Leased Property: 1300 Acres  starts on top of the hill at stand #81 and includes the Pasture Stand. State Legal Buck rules are in effect for the Pasture Stand.

A legal deer on the Sessions Lease needs to meet 3 of these 5 criteria:

1. Must 165 pounds

2. At least one base on the horns must be 4 inches in circumference.

3. Must have a 15 inch inside spread

4. At least one main beam must be 16 inches in length

5. At least one G-2 tine must be 6 inches plus in length.

These requirements define a typical Wilkinson County 3 ½ year old deer.

  • Any deer not meeting 3 of the 5 requirements will result in the deer you killed plus one coming off your quota. It will count as 2.
  • One State Legal Buck per membership may be taken by a 15 year old or younger hunter.
  • Like always a button buck counts as a buck.
  • If your 3rd buck is illegal the 1 buck penalty will carry over to following year.


  •  $2,800 per member due no later than April 15th of each year. Sharing of memberships is not allowed.
  • Individual Liability Release must be signed.


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